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Conscious Language™ - The Logos of Now

Conscious Language™ - The Logos of Now

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Conscious Language™ The Logos Of Now

by Robert Tennyson Stevens

~ The Discovery, Code, and Upgrade To Our New Conscious Human Operating System

How much power do our words really carry? Language has great power and it was intentionally confused over 5,000 years ago. You can rediscover the secret of language that heals your hurts, breathes life into your joys and creates reality. 

Through 17 concise chapters, Bob masterfully leads us on a step-by-step journey in the new science of Conscious Language™ This is the science of choosing words that express our true intent so that our words are the quantum templates of health, abundance, peace and relationships!

This book gives you the tools and techniques for individuals to know their own highest choices in any situation, to express their choices with ease and clarity and to have full-body alignment  in their choices. Mastery of ourselves begins with using Conscious Language™. Imagine installing on your inner “heart drive” a new Conscious Human Operating System. This new Operating System is amazing and keeps you awake to self-sabotage before it can act. Imagine a human computer virus checker which finds all those pesky viruses and limiting beliefs and offers each limitation to your awareness for upgrading.  The upgrade is called Pure Speech (Conscious Language™).

Excerpt of foreword by Gregg Braden, New York Times Best selling author of: The Divine Matrix, The God Code, Secrets of the Lost Mode of Prayer, and The Isaiah Effect.

The Author

About the Author

Robert Tennyson Stevens, developer and CEO of Mastery Systems International Inc., is a pioneer in the influence of verbal language, body language, emotions and imagination on activating and enjoying our dreams—now.  Bob has provided personal, team and corporate facilitation and coaching for more than 50+ years. Through this work, he developed step-by-step, repeatable systems for attaining heartfelt outcomes with speed and accuracy.

Bob’s journey in Conscious Language™ began in 1968 because of his extensive study of Hopi Indian Language. He realized this one tribe of peace have a language supporting only here and now reality. This is something we can all benefit from.

Bob has demonstrated the influence of thought, word and feeling on manifestation with thousands of people. Through this work, he developed a unique curriculum of personal and professional empowerment technologies. We call these technologies Mastery Systems, much of which is based on Scripture (not religion) and Quantum Physics.

Further Study

Intrested in further study?

Mastery Systems offers an array of both live and pre-recorded classes taught by Robert Tennyson Stevens. These classes will assist in your further study, knowlege, and skills in mastering Conscious Language™.

Please visit for more information.

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